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Thursday, February 25, 2010

NOTD: Galaxy Dust

I have seen this idea somewhere, but I just can't remember where. It could be a blog or flickr, maybe both! =D If the idea belongs to someone you know, please notify me so that I can credit her. Update: Found it!
I actually wanted to give one of my old Inglot polishes another chance. It's this beautiful, rich blue/purple duochrome microglitter in the bottle, but sadly it doesn't transfer on the nails. I used 4 coats, but all I got was a generic muted dark blue with barely visible blue shimmer.
I decided to amp it up a bit by sponging China Glaze Ruby Pumps on the bottom, and then green flakies by Inglot on top of Ruby Pumps.

Because my topcoat has gone bad, again, the thing just wouldn't dry properly. So I stamped with m36 in silver to cover the dents:

Sorry for the upside-down butterflies. (Again!) I always do the konad so that it's upright when I look at my nails. I also used the small side of the stamper, that's why some parts of the small butterfly are missing. The image wouldn't fit, which I realized after transferring the images to my computer.

Giveaway details will follow in the upcoming days!


  1. Wow, that looks amazing with the flakies and glitter sponged on top. I would have never thought of that.

  2. Looks great! I think was the one that inspired you?

  3. Thank you PerryPie, actually me neither =DDD
    Thank you Karianne! I've never seen this version, thank you for the link! I found the image and I'm linking to it =)

  4. That's really pretty! I like the little bit of's just enough to add interest without overpowering.

  5. Thank you Liz and gildedangel =) Glad you guys think it's pretty =) I'm not very happy with the dents, but well, that's it for today =)

  6. Now I remeber that one from Mariannaoust! She hasn't been on MUA much lately, always have the greatest NOTD's. :)Anyway you did a great job!

  7. OHH this is stunning sweety..i saw this inglot polish yesterday it looks gorgeous but when i try it.. u're right,it's only muted dark blue with barely visible blue shimmer that u will see in ur nails..waaa!! inglot should improved their quality since their products are expensive..

  8. Oeh! That looks nice... =O
    No More than nice.. =P

    You made it look stunning! <3

  9. Thank you Tennsley =)
    Karianne, thank you very much! She does such beautiful manicures indeed!
    Thriszha, thank you =) They are very expensive here, too... I was really annoyed when I realized it looked nothing like it was in the bottle... Inglot is seriously failing at making polishes, and with that color selection, they could be the next China Glaze... =/
    Aww, thank you Thess =) <3

  10. Have you tried adding a little clear to the bottle? Might jelly it up a bit and allow the shimmer to come through. BEAUTIFUL mani!

  11. How pretty! Love the idea of amping up the Inglot polish with Ruby Pumps!

  12. That looks really cool! What a great manicure to inspire you too. I'm sorry your top coat is misbehaving. It is so frustrating when that happens.

  13. Thank you laquermanic, Sasha, Michlle, Polished Prude =)
    SalvagedExpression, the consistency is actually good and pretty pretty sheer. I guess there is no way to make that shimmer truly show up... =/
    Thank you Charis =) I got the idea from mariannaoust: =D
    Thank you Mighty Lambchop, yeah, topcoats are a bitch after the third week of usage =/ I've got to stock them but they are expensive here =)

  14. I totally remember that flickr image, awesome manicure!, I saved the pic on my computer for future reference. Did you apply a top coat on your base color before you sponged? o

  15. Dear Jackie, yes I did... I wasn't actually meaning to do this when I did the manicure, but it was too plain. It's always good to add a topcoat before sponging =)

  16. What a gorgeous combination! I love ruby pumps and think this would look awesome using lubu heels instead of ruby pumps too x

  17. Thank you Laurasummer and pascale =)))
    Laura, it's a nice idea but the black base of Lubu Heels could make it a bit harder to show up. Why don't you try it? I'd love to see the result =)

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