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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NOTD: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Alright, today I needed something to cheer me up =) This post will be a bit brief, I hope to make up for it the next time. I was tagged (as far as I'm aware) by kelsealaurel, kelliegonzo and gildedangel, thank you friends! I'll attend to it by my next post, I hope I'll have more time then. I'm very busy till Jan 25th, until then, bear with me and my delayed updates =)
I've decided to wear China Glaze Tree Hugger, which I don't really like very much. It doesn't really suit me, but I made use of it by stamping apples on it! I used konad special polish in red and green for the apples, put a dot of green on the side of the leaves and red on the side of the fruit, and scraped sideways to avoid mixing colors. The result:

With flash:

Right hand:

It's by no means perfect, but I don't really have time to be specific and very careful with stamping these days =) I do it mostly to cheer myself up, and I'll start with the "real" stuff when I'm finally free on Jan 25th! I hope you like this, it makes me feel happy =)
By the way, I think of doing a konad video tutorial soon, is there something you'd specificly like to see? Any requests? You can tell me via comments or chatbox on the sidebar! =)


  1. Awww =) Thank you my sweet friends =D

  2. How cute this manicure is. Wouldn't it be great for a teacher to wear?

  3. Thank you Lucy! I thought of teachers, too =)))))

  4. You are really good :D Those are perfect red apple to give to snowwhite ;D

  5. How sweet!
    Do you use your lovely konad gift often?

  6. Really nice.
    Any Konad video would be great to see. :)

  7. It's true what you say about the apples. =) It does keep the doctor away. =) Your stamping skills are wicked, but I do not like this mani as a whole. Only Emerald Sparkle & Ruby Pumps can be the green and red you should put together. =)))))) LOL I'm just kidding, honey! =*

  8. I've thought often about buying this one - mainly because the name is so cute. It goes SO WELL with your apple design :) that was really cute and creative!

  9. Oh! That's so cute! The apples are just perfect on the lime green background :)

  10. Hi guys! Thanks for the comments and love <3 I appreciate them!
    Thess, I mainly use the seperate image plates that were included at the moment. I'll give my full attention to the professional case when the half-year is over in 20 days =)
    Thank you Susie and Kirsten!
    Sasha, I know what you mean =) It's not exactly my style, I feel a bit funny wearing this manicure =) It's cute, but also kinda silly =D Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps are so gorgeous on their own, I guess I wouldn't put them together either! Red and green are a no-no, but I just threw it in the wind for once ;)
    Thank you Brooke =) I think Entourage is a bit better as for the color.
    Thank you, Polish Hoarder! =))) <3

  11. miam miam les bonnes pommes
    attention à tes doigts ;)

  12. I tagged you for a Beauty Blogger award :o) thanks for being a brilliant blogger!

  13. =))))
    thank you pascale!!! you are so sweet =D
    thank you BabyD, I'll have a look! =)

  14. When you posted these pictures i was thinking for days, about what i t reminds me.
    Now i know! It reminds me of Snow White!

  15. This is sooooo cute. What a great thing to wear on a first day of school! I heart Tree Hugger, but I am a little crazy! :P

  16. Thank you guys =) I missed out your comments! <3

  17. hi :)
    I wanted to ask if it is really really necessary that we use konad special nail polish or dose it work with normal nail polish too?


  18. nope =) if you can find polishes that are opaque in one coat, you're good to go =) look at my last manicure, all the stamping polishes are self made frankens, they were regular creme polishes before I mixed them, not special polishes... ;)


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