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Friday, April 9, 2010

NOTD: Mimosa

So long for uneven nails =) I didn't like the look of them together, so I chopped them all down. Isn't it what we all do when we have a break? I kinda like this length, though. And they will grow out before I even realize that time passed! =)
Today's nails are a true mimosa color. Some of you may know that Mimosa was the Pantone color of 2009. It's a warm, dusty and light yellow, exactly like my nails today.

The polish I'm wearing is Inglot #943. I got it a long time ago, when my polish eye was not as good as it is today. Those days I thought every yellow creme polish ought to look similar. Boy, I was wrong. I've had many yellow creme polishes afterwards, and this one is different. It's not as bright or sunny as others, but a bit warmer and toned down. I really like the look of this polish on me. It took 3 coats to be opaque and even. It's a bit streaky, but not so much that it requires thinner.

And a quick bottle comparison. From left to right:
China Glaze Lemon Fizz, China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, China Glaze Yell-o Neil, Inglot #943, Gabrini #380 and Claire's Yellow.
Lemon Fizz is a lighter, sorbet like yellow, Happy Go Lucky is bright, sunshine-y, Yell-o Neil is a bit darker and with glass fleck finish, Gabrini is very close to Happy Go Lucky, maybe a bit lighter, and Claire's is darker, brighter and more orange-ish, also a jelly.
I hope you like this color =) This year's Pantone color is even lovelier, Turquoise! =) I love turquoise nail polish =D


  1. Pretty yellows! Your nails look lovely. :)

  2. I used to think like that too... all yellows quite the same until I found out a neon yellow... it blew my mind!
    Anyways, I love those yellows, specially the lighter ones ;)
    My eyes have some sort of bad coordenation on pinks and reds 'cause sometimes I buy a nail polish that is pink to me and then on my nails I notice that is redish.... It happens quite often and I always en up buying the same colour! 'Cause this only happens to me with a certain type of pink... or red o.O Concluding: I have about 4 bottles of the same colour 'cause I bought them thinking it was another...

  3. Thank you, Skulda =) <3
    Hey Kanji, what you told me still happens to me! I have that reddish coral pink polish of 2 seperate brands + one franken =)They are all dupes! Sally Hansen Orange You Cute & China Glaze Sneaker Head are dupes, and I frankened a similar one myself without noticing =D With that kind of bold and bright hues it's hard to notice the teeny little differences, I guess =DD

  4. Ooh that colour looks really good. I know whats on my nail varnish list now :)

  5. I hope it's available where you live =D

  6. I LOVE your manicure. Love the length and the color. Awesome.

  7. *sigh* There was an Inglot store in a local mall for a short time, but then it disappeared. I should have purchased some nail polish when I had the chance! Ah well.

    I love this color on you!

  8. deniz bu ojeyi yeni görüyorum. alabilirim ama şunu sorayım sana, yani golden rose 85 var ya, onun gibi mi bu yoksa? yani claire'sten aldıgım oje cok iyi renk olarak, ama onun *biraz* daha açığı olursa da olur. bu nasıl tam olarak. burada kıyasladığın hiçbir oje bende olmadığı için bilemedim, anlayamadım. fotoğraflar da yanlış yansıtıyor bazen renkleri. yani gidip 20 tl vermeye değer mi, yoksa bebek sarısı gibi çok da sevmediğim bir renk mi?


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